The A to Z of Sustainability


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The A to Z of Sustainability is an interactive, micro-learning program that provides a broad but comprehensive understanding of the key elements of sustainability including the principles, practices and solutions. The learning is delivered via micro-learning segments in the form of 26 bite-size videos over the course of 4 months. All in, the videos amount to approximately 4 hours of learning time. This unique learning opportunity allows for participant flexibility via learning-at-your-own-pace and time, and in small chunks. The aim is to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster a sustainable mindset and make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.

At the end of each micro-learning segment, there will be a quiz to assess the participants’ understanding of the topic. For a small administrative fee, participating companies will receive reports with respect to their employees’ participation (‘views’) and assessment scores. All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.


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Program Objectives:

  • The program seeks to enhance participants’ awareness and knowledge of sustainability concepts, including environmental, social and economic dimensions.
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of global challenges and the importance of sustainable practices in addressing them.
  • The program will empower participants to become sustainability game changers by providing them with some practical strategies, skills and resources and to start implementing sustainable solutions.


Who Should Sign-up

  • Companies that want to cultivate a company-wide sustainability mindset.
  • Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, community leaders and anyone interested in gaining a broad, comprehensive understanding of sustainability and its practical applications.

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Ong Shien Jin


Curtis S. Chin, a Milken Institute Asia fellow, is a former U.S. ambassador to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), an advisory board member of the Asian American Federation, and a media presence and voice on where East meets West—from business, trade and culture to issues facing the Asian American community. While on the ADB board of directors, Chin pushed for strengthened risk management and development efforts focused on people, planet, and partnership, particularly in Asia’s least-developed nations.

Through RiverPeak Group LLC, Chin now advises start-ups and impact investors in Asia, including Equator Pure Nature, an ASEAN-based, natural consumer products and cleantech pioneer; TAEL Partners ofSoutheast Asia; and the Dolma Impact Fund, the first international equity fund focused on Nepal.


Helene Li is a seasoned management consultant and finance industry professional, Helene has held various senior management positions in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Branding throughout her career which includes tenure at global consulting giants, Boston Consulting Group and Willis Towers Watson.

Prior to founding GoImpact platform, developed to accelerate the adoption of Sustainable Finance, Helene was Managing Director and Head of Strategic Planning, Brand and Communications Asia Pacific for BNP Paribas Wealth Management, a role she held for 5 years. She also held similar roles at J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Swiss wealth
management firm, Lombard Odier. In these capacities, she was instrumental in advancing the agenda of Sustainable Finance and Investments across a broad client base of family offices and asset owners.

Hans Genberg


Hsu-sheng Wong, has an extensive legal and finance background, having worked for over 16 years as a lawyer, investment banker and commercial banker. In his last banking role, he was appointed as Head, Financial Institutions at the regional headquarters of a major Middle Eastern bank and was subsequently appointed as Acting General Manager to manage the operations during the COVID crisis. Prior to joining GoImpact, he was a partner and course facilitator in a private equity and educational institute specializing in digitization, business transformation and sustainability.

Option 1

  • Access to 26 videos on sustainability
  • Take part in assessments at the end of each video segment

Fee (per pax)

RM 1,500

Option 2

  • Access to 26 videos on sustainability
  • Take part in assessments at the end of each video segment
  • Includes a 2-year sign-up on the ASB app that provides access to sustainability and ESG articles, infographics and write-ups.

Fee (per pax)

RM 2,000
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