Open Source Innovator

Open Source Innovator

In contrast to widespread fear of jobs being lost to automation and AI, the 21st Century has made ordinary people more empowered than ever before.

Program Overview

Technology gives us instant connectivity, saves time, and allows anyone to bring anything to the world, literally. Right now, we have more time, more knowledge, more friends, and with more problems to solve than at any point in history.

Why the fear? It comes from these myths of being an ordinary person – the myths of #WhyNotMe.


While these limiting beliefs were true in the past, they no longer apply in the 21st Century. Pareto observed the 20/80 Rule two centuries ago, but today we are moving towards a 1/99 Rule. The industrial age relied on 20% to deliver 80% of the output. In the digital era, 1% can be responsible for 99% of the results. This programme will teach you how to become an Open Source Innovator!

Program Objectives
By the end of this 2.5-day journey, participants will have:

  1. Appreciated how innovation has changed in the 21st Century
  2. Ignited and grown their own innovator DNA
  3. Experienced the ease of innovation in the Open Source era
  4. Developed the mindset of learning and experimentation

Innovation used to be about having to make something new. It isn’t anymore. Innovation in the 21st Century is about sharing. Ordinary people can leverage technology and connectivity to create an extraordinarily better future, together.

Day 01
  • Registration
  • Program introduction
  • Innovation in the 21st Century
  • OSI Honeycomb
Day 02
  • Excitement of the open source era
  • The 1% rule and lurker’s myths
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Innovation in action
  • Food for thought
  • Meet the Open Source Innovators
Day 03
  • Merging future and present
  • The power of idling capacity, technology, and alliance
  • ‘Build an App’ workshop
  • Be always in beta
  • Putting it into practice
  • Program conclusion
From nominees of the Iclif Leadership Energy Awards (ILEA), here are some examples of the 1% Open Source Innovators who chose to help create a better future.

An ordinary lady found herself with nothing to do on a night out in town. A year later, she created what would soon become India’s largest entertainment and sports ticketing company. It enables traditional consumers, some of whom even without credit card or smartphone, to experience and create one-in- a-life- time memories.

A Malaysia man with a vision of tackling two increasingly urgent environmental issues – waste accumulation and diminishing natural resources – dedicates his life to converting plastic trash into industrial material and reusable energy. The goal is to eliminate plastic from landfills.

A Thai manager grew tired of watching food goes to waste at her company’s chain of restaurants. She initiated an All-You-Can’t-Eat bag for animals in shelters – turning perishable organic wastes into nutritious kibble. Her online videoswere named The Most Shared Video Worldwide by The Campaign UK viral chart.

A group of Indonesian friends developed a desktop application that connects the fashion industry with home tailors and seamstresses around the nation’s 17,000 islands. It opens up a new world of opportunity for home-based tailors who previously relied on word-of- mouth to earn a living.

A Filipino man brought light to his country – literally. During the day, recycled plastic bottles filled with water and bleach act as the equivalent of a 55-watt bulb. Night-time light is powered by simple solar panels made from easily accessible parts attached to used lithium batteries. It has improved the livelihood of close to 400,000 Filipinos and over 690,000 globally.


22 – 24 September 2020

Phuket, Thailand

Program Fee

RM 10,888

(inclusive of in-program accommodation)