Central Banks: Navigating in Turbulent Times


The world is facing an unprecedented health pandemic which has left no country unscathed. Economies are threatened with potential contraction and unemployment rates are expected to rise sharply. It is in this difficult time that we need to stand in solidarity across the globe to strengthen the position of our vital institutions. Upfront, it involves strengthening the capacity and capability of our health institutions. Equally important then are the economic and financial institutions that will be managing the after effects of this pandemic on the economy. These developments once again call upon Central Banks in coordination with other public policy institutions to effectively manage and minimize economy costs of this health shock.

In light of these developments, we are pleased to introduce to you the first in a series of online programs that have been specially designed and developed for senior officials at Central Banks that would include Deputy Governors, Assistant Governors and Senior Directors. Recognizing that the crucial role of Central Banks is now even more important, this focused series of online programs is titled Central Banks: Navigating in Turbulent Times.

As we know find ourselves amid an unprecedented global pandemic, Central Banks are faced with new and expanded mandates against the backdrop of a highly uncertain landscape. Expectations have also never been higher. In extending these programs at this time of crisis to Central Banks across the globe, it is our hope that the Iclif Executive Education Center will be able to assist in your efforts towards developing a cadre of astute central bankers with resilient teams who are able to navigate the complexities of this turbulent times while remaining vigilant and effective. It is integral for Central Banks to have teams that are equipped with new forms of leadership and governance, so as to be better able to respond and to do their part to steer the financial sector and the economy towards greater stability and advancement.

We hope that you will find these tailored offerings useful and relevant in meeting the demands that the current crisis presents while looking towards generating a steady, sustainable recovery. We remain determined, united and look forward to continued collaboration in the important areas of Central Banking.

Session 1

Communication in Times of Crisis




2 JUNE 2020

3.00pm – 5.00pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)

Session 2

Financial Support in Times of Crisis





9 JUNE 2020

3.00pm – 5.00pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)

Session 3

Central Banks’ Dilemma in a Time of Crisis: Independence, Subservience, or Co-Dependence with the Government?

16 JUNE 2020

3.00pm – 5.00pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)