Board and Executive Pay During and Post Covid-19

Program Overview

It has long been understood that compensation and other incentives can play a critical role in steering an organization, attracting and retaining talent, and achieving strategic goals. But in recent times—and now increasingly during the corona virus crisis—how companies approach compensation has been drawing particular interest and critique from regulators, shareholders, and the public.  What do these trends mean for the nature and level of pay of Board members and executives, now and post-Covid 19? And, in the case of Board Compensation Committees, for the type of oversight they need to provide?

The program will review the types of changes that are taking place and that may yet still come, such as in pay mix, pay instruments, pay KPIs, vesting periods, and pay governance, including in the use of conduct metrics and clawbacks. The program will use practical examples and interactive tools for participants to engage in the subject.  The program is of benefit to Chairmen of Boards, other members of the Board (including of the Compensation, Nominations, Risk, and Audit committees), as well to executives, HR, and rewards and compensation managers.

Who should attend?


  • Chairmen of Boards
  • Board of Directors (especially those in Compensation, Nominations, Risk & Audit Committees)
  • Senior management
  • HR and compensation managers


Gabe Shawn Varges is Senior Partner at the international consulting firm HCM at their offices in Zurich and Geneva. He works around the world with boards of directors, CEOs, and heads of companies, state entities, regulators, and international organizations on the more strategic and challenging aspects of corporate governance, compensation, compliance, regulation, and supervision. He is also Director of Compliance Studies and Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen Executive School in Switzerland.

Earlier, Mr. Varges served as Head of Governance of the Swiss financial services regulator. There he supervised banks and insurers and represented the authority on international bodies such as the OECD, the Financial Stability Board, the International Association of Insurance Regulators, and the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision. He led or contributed to multiple cross-border taskforces, helping in the development of key governance instruments following the financial crisis. Previously, he was Group Chief Compliance Officer of the financial services and insurance multinational, the Zurich Insurance Group.

Mr Varges has served on various boards and is former President of the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe. Currently he is Chairman of the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group and serves on monitor teams overseeing governance, compensation, and compliance at companies of various sectors. A Juris Doctor graduate of Harvard, Mr. Varges is a regular speaker and moderator at international events. His latest publications include “Governing Remuneration”, “Compensation and Conduct Risk”, “Subsidiary Governance”, “Internal Governance”, and “Do Boards Need their Own budget and Resources?”.

Board and Executive Pay During and Post Covid-19

18 JUNE 2020

1.30pm – 5.00pm

Program Fee

RM 400