Campus Services and Operations Manager


The Campus Manager will be based in ASB’s new campus (Sasana and Lanai Kijang as well as ASB’s new state-of-the-art campus) in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The new campus comprises of both the Academic and Residential Services and Operations. Excellence is expected in all of ASB’s operations and it is no different with this endeavor. The position responsibility requires strong operational, project management skills and interpersonal skills in managing stakeholders and providing management and support ASB’s Campus Facilities Management and Service. ASB is going to be one of the top architectural landmark in Kuala Lumpur, and the position holds good career development opportunities.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Project Management
    • Produce and implement a project management plan identifying key tasks and milestones for the effective implementation of ASB Academic building during both planning and delivery phases of the campus.
    • Create and maintain campus projects calendar. Follow up consistently to ensure work is done on time, within budget and meets our quality standards.
    • Coordinate and supervise projects including notification of equipment failures and ongoing tenant improvement projects.
    • Manage any renovation works within the campus and ensure proper paperwork and approval based on BNM guideline are adhered to
    • Weekly reporting and updates of the project to be shared within Ops team


  1. Stakeholder management for Services and Operations
    • Working closely with BNM counterparts mainly Project Management Office, Facility Management, Hospitality, Centralised Shared Services and Operating Service Provider for F&B, Accommodation, Contractor and Architect for the building.
    • Managing internal ASB stakeholders needs and request and working with the above relevant parties – services supports the needs of all faculty, staff and students and any ASB affiliates.
    • This includes and Facilities and Services related matters.
    • Maintain communication and operational effectiveness (e.g. maintenance schedule) between campus and corporate office, community, peers, business networks, local authority and accrediting bodies;
    • Managing Feedback Management for all relevant complaints and issues raised in the new campus


  1. Vendor management and/or coordination of campus ancillary services
    • Including but not limited to F&B Operators, Laundromat, Convenience Store/ Book Store, day care, common areas
    • Monitors quality of service delivered and puts in place processes for feedback and continuous improvement to ensure a superior experience for all School constituencies.
    • ASB spaces and residential pricing management – To conduct Industry benchmarking, prices tracking, surveys as and when necessary
    • Identifies operational performance, productivity and efficiency gaps and implements measures to correct deficiencies
    • Manage vendor operational compliance (i.e. area appearance, merchandise, opening hours, waste removal, signage, etc.) through regular audits, surprise visits, etc. Rectify any non-compliance through official warning, lease contractual penalties, as required
    • Maintain up-to-date records and documentation for both campus-related (i.e. insurance, completion certificates, approvals) and vendor-related (i.e. lease contracts, trade licenses, insurance, approved drawings, permits, etc.)
    • Provide training and on boarding of third party operator staff
    • Oversee relationships with outside contractors and third party operators, maintain current vendor files including third party license agreements, certificates of insurance, contact information and record of work performed for the above ancillary services
    • Ensure maintenance scheduled and works are carried out in timely manner


  1. Asset Management and Inventory
  • To manage ASB asset management and inventory tracking and report to Finance.
  • Ensure all asset and inventory tracking are monitored accordingly


  1. Fiscal Responsibility
    • Assist in creating operating plans annually and ensure that we stay within operating budgets for New Campus
    • Assist in development and management of capital expenditure budgets as they relate to campus improvements.


  1. Adhoc Support to readiness of New Campus Services and Operations as and when is required
Qualification & Skills
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in project management and operations experience with demonstrated progressive career growth
  • Experience in Campus Services and Retail Operations Management will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Ability to demonstrate organizational, management and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to manage and handle multiple responsibilities with efficiency
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Interested applicants are urged to submit their resume, cover letter and any relevant additional documentation.