Student Activities


ASB believes in providing a holistic environment for you to thrive. That is why you will get a multitude of opportunities to expose yourself, grow your network, and build your career and leadership skills. These activities range from culture, career, sports to even social projects centered around social interests. At the end of your 20-month stint at ASB, you’ll not only get a rich MBA experience, you would have also played a key role in shaping the ASB community.

The Box

the box at ASBThe Box is a campus retail store that was founded by two Asia School of Business students in 2019 as part of their final semester Action Learning project. Sometimes called the first “startup” to come out of ASB, The Box remains a student-run business aimed at elevating the School’s name and image through great products for students, faculty, staff, and their families and friends. The store also serves as a platform for students to promote and sell their own products within the ASB community.

All profits are used to support student clubs and activities.

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ASB Podcast

Started by a student from class 2019, the ASB Podcast is a student-led podcast that aims to showcase thought leadership with-in the ASB community. Run by Amelia Crespo, Janice Tan and Rory Healy, the team interviews individuals with extraordinary and unconventional experiences who will give you insights on how you may unleash your potential, equip yourself and help you navigate through your journey here at the Asia School of Business. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the ASBPodcast on Spotify and iTunes.