The People of ASB


Transformative and principled. The people of ASB embody and embrace the mission of the School. Though culturally diverse, we share the vision to build a global knowledge and learning center. The people of ASB are a community of curious, adaptive and collaborative go-getters driven to contribute to a better future and to advance the emerging world.

Our Family

The People of ASB
The People of ASB


Respect for People

Treat everyone as they wish to be treated. In embracing strength in diversity in an ever increasing connected world; we strive to create an environment where everyone feels that they are heard and valued as individuals.


Be our best. Do our best. Give our best. Inspired by the reputation of our founders Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan, we proudly bear their expectations in delivering our vision and mission.

Continuous Learning

Fail forward. For an organization to remain relevant and be on a trajectory of continued growth and excellence, we are encouraged to continuously push the boundaries and innovate.


Engage and exchange. In our flat organization with complex operational nuances, collaboration enables us at ASB to achieve extraordinary results.


Thrive. As we embrace work-life integration, we seek to nurture our people’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Academic Programs

The MBA Program team supports the design, development, and delivery of ASB’s flagship full-time, residential MBA Program experience.

Action Learning:
The Action Learning team creates opportunities to students to learn by doing, guided by theoretical tools and frameworks and with the support of faculty, mentors by partnering with industry hosts.

The Career Development Office partners with students and alumni to identify their aspirations and work with them individually to meet their professional goals. Concurrently, they work closely with employers to meet their talent needs.

Admissions work with prospective students regarding all matters of recruitment and admissions.

The Registry ensures that the necessary compliance with regulations related to our programs and oversees the academic records maintenance for current students and alumni.

Executive Education:
Executive Education works closely with faculty to design and deliver open enrolment and custom programs.

New Programs:
ASB constantly innovates new programs to meet market demands for upskilling and reskilling for the future workforce.

Corporate & Administrative

Corporate Development:
Corporate Development establishes strategic partnerships with public and private entities to create growth opportunities for ASB.

The Finance Department oversees and manages ASB’s financial and operational activities including, long-range planning, budgeting, financial operations, general accounting services, financial reporting, endowment fund management, internal control structure, policy development and enforcement and financial systems administration, implementation and training.

Human Resources:
The Human Resources Department provides services relating to talent management, including organization design, staffing, employee and labor relations, training and career development, compensation and benefits, and interpretation of policies and procedures.

Information Technology:
The Information Technology Department works in partnership with faculty and academic programs, students, and staff to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative, educational, and research processes.

Marketing & Communications:
Marketing and Communications maintains and strengthens the ASB brand by guiding the development and implementation of our marketing and communications outreach.

The Operations Group manages a broad array of activities on campus, including campus facilities and services, administrative support services, hospitality and events management.

Leadership & Strategic Planning

Faculty & Support

The Faculty support the mission of ASB through teaching, research and undertaking of service roles.

Teaching Assistants:
Teaching Assistants supports the Faculty in classroom activities.

Faculty Support:
The team provides faculty with administrative support.

Get to know us

The People of ASB
Emily Preiss

Senior Director of Admissions

The People of ASB
Jefri Zaini

Director of MBA

The People of ASB
Tan Jiunn Wen

IEC Program Development and Research Manager

The People of ASB
Fazila Hanis

Admissions Manager

The People of ASB
Mohd Nubairi

Senior IT Manager

The People of ASB
Zarul Zaabah

MBA Program Manager

The People of ASB
Gayathri Danappal

Senior Registry Manager

The People of ASB
Siti Najaa

Senior Academic Associate

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