This Chilean moved to Malaysia to learn how to start sustainable businesses

by  Study International | 14 September 2023 | In The News

A photo of Sanjay Sarma, the dean of Asia School of Business

Closing the gap between business and sustainability is no easy feat — and here’s what this engineering graduate from Chile is doing to join the fight in tackling the climate crisis. Source: Rodrigo Berner Bensan

As the world heats up to the point of no return, there’s still a stark gap between business and sustainability at many companies.

Living in Latin America, Rodrigo Berner Bensan felt it acutely. Structural issues like poverty, inequality, and climate change were prevalent and he saw the need for “innovative, socially focused solutions.”

“The emergence of social innovation strategies that aimed to address these problems and benefit society as a whole resonated strongly with me,” he says.

The industrial engineering graduate from Universidad de Chile saw value in helping businesses protect the environment.

To heed the call to make the world more sustainable, he felt he needed to leave his consulting role in Santiago for an unlikely country: Malaysia.

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